Malware computer science homework help

The topic is Malware

Remember that all sources must be from 2014 or later.

Each student must select one source (5 pages or longer) and provide the following information –

  • Summary (5 sentences )
  • What did you learn from the article (ie. What new information and insight can you provide the class? – Nothing? Choose another article.) (4 sentences )
  • How does the article relate to the material covered in the lecture? (4 sentences )
  • Where can the information provided by the article be applied? How can this information be used? (4 sentences )
  • Identify two stakeholders / users that will use the information above and explain the appropriate context (4 sentences )

use the following format for the paper:

Article Title – Author(s) – Year of Publication – Journal Article

URL to article


Text here


Text here


Text here


Text here

Use Cases

Text here

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