maintain medicare as is debate 500 words needed

The Medicare system is currently undergoing a dramatic shift, as the number of people participating is increasing, which in turn has enormous consequences for how it is funded.  Some argue that Medicare spending is out of control and will result in a collapse of the system if nothing changes, while others claim the system is doing well and is meeting the needs of the millions of Americans who have no other health care. For this discussion, you will participate in a debate with your classmates about Medicare.

Students with last names starting with the letters A-M will be on the “Maintain Medicare As-Is” side.

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To start, you will need to craft your initial argument in support of the side you have been assigned based on your last name (either maintain or reform).  This post must be a minimum of 300 words.  Describe how the organization and delivery of Medicare and the social, financial, legal, ethical, and regulatory forces impact your side of the debate.  Remember, your post must analyze how these factors work together to support your assigned view on Medicare reform.  Even if you do not personally agree with the side that has been assigned to you, you must still present a convincing argument that upholds that side in your initial post and your responses.  

Then, you will respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts who were assigned the opposite side of the debate.  Each of your responses should analyze how the differing stances on funding Medicare affect the cost, quality, access, and provision of services.  Your responses to your classmates should present a counter-argument, where as a supporter of your assigned side, you give reasons for why you disagree with them based on pertinent information.  You are strongly encouraged to review this week’s recommended reading and to research on your own to identify other sources to support your argument.

Your initial post must include:

  1. A succinct thesis statement that demonstrates your stance on the topic.
  2. A clear explanation for your rationale and examples to support your view.
  3. A minimum of two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. One of these sources may be from the course Required and/or Recommended Resources, and at least one must be obtained through the Ashford University Library. 

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