literature review 142

Develop an initial literature review draft. The literature review draft should be based on at least 10 peer-reviewed original sources within the past five years. Do not include book sources, secondary summary sources, or sources older than five years, unless the source is a peer-reviewed, original, seminal study essential for the foundational synthesis of the related research. Your literature review draft should provide an objective discussion and synthesis of the related concepts from the previous research findings, any identified contradictory concepts, and underlying related theoretical framework(s) supported by APA formatted reference citations.

Length: 8 pages not including title or reference pages

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Title… This study will examine how technology affects student’s learning in higher education as it relates and compares the role of online assessment and student-teacher interaction to students’ success. The mixed approach of using qualitative and quantitative concurrent triangulation research will future examine instructional leaders’ descriptions of their involvement with assimilating technology into their teaching.

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