lab report

a.     Project Description: In December 2007 there was an explosion at a home in northern Ohio which resulted in significant damage.  Thereafter natural gas appeared in several water wells of several homes in the area.  Known as the Bainbridge Incident the explosion resulted from a new well being drilled and completed in the area.This incident had far reaching impact to the community and the Ohio oil & gas industry.  Local drilling and leasing efforts were hindered and new regulation was proposed. The final report is available online at:…be sure to note the expert panel report…..Assignment:Your boss has requested a report which provides:I.               Overview of this event (explosion, number of people impact).II.              Identify the problem and how the well activity is related.III.            Identified problems/information which was noted during the permitting process, drilling, logging, cementing, bond log and well completion activities.  Identify the specific problem point and the decision that was made.IV.            Your report should include a well schematic (in the report) and a discussion about fracture pressure, pore pressures and casing setting depths.V.              Your recommendations:What would you have done differently or in the future is you are drilling in this area.

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