kindly use the link to answer the ff question


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Please use the above links to answer the following questions

The following Questions comprise Exam 1. These questions are “open book” so you may look back on the course materials as you answer them. Please review the note on plagiarism if you have any questions as to what you may or may not use from the presented materials in your answers.

Write your answers out on paper or type them using a word processing program in your computer. Once you have completed these answers, press Done on the lower right corner of the module page to complete this module and unlock exam 1. Each question will be on its own exam page. In the exam, you may type your answer, copy and paste your answer into the blank or upload a file containing your answer.

1. Did you understand that Horace Miner was describing the “American”—“Nacirema” spelled backwards is American! Why wouldn’t you or others necessarily recognize this?
(10 points out of a total of 60)

2. Using Horace Miner’s approach, write a brief story that uses some other common experience like going to the movies, watching TV, going dancing, a day at work, etc.
(10 points out of a total of 60)

3. Did you notice the “moon-walking bear” in the YouTube video? Why or why not?
(10 points out of a total of 60)

4. According to CW Mills, what is the difference between troubles and issues? Provide two examples that he uses to illustrate your response.
(10 points out of a total of 60)

5. CW Mills suggests that we ask several questions about social life. One of them—paraphrased—is: “What characterizes the men and women that seem to succeed in contemporary American society, and what characterizes the men and women that do not seem to succeed in contemporary American society.” What are your thoughts in response to Mills’ question?
(10 points out of a total of 60)

6. Sam Richards says that thinking sociologically boils down to empathy and uses the example of “an Iraqi Muslim perspective” to illustrate his point. Explain.
(10 points out of a total of 60)

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