journal entry accountability and legislative topics associated with intellectual achievement and aptitude assessment

Write a Journal entry highlighting a short summary of your learning this week in relation to the specifics of the accountability and legislative topics associated with intellectual, achievement, and aptitude assessment.

Write how this learning is relevant to career goals in the field of psychology.

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Assigned Readings:

Read the following PDF files found under Course Documents:

  1. Defining the Role of Intellectual and Cognitive Assessment In Special Education.pdf
  2. Accountability and Educational Progress for Students with Disabilities.pdf
  3. Overview of the School Function Assessment.pdf
  4. School Function Assessment Record Form.pdf

Web Reading and link

Please access the following website:

Source: Clinical Assessment: Pearson Education, Inc.

Retrieved from

Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see Browse Assessments, and select three of the assessments.

Specialty Areas (i.e. Clinical Assessment, Post-Secondary Assessments, Learning Assessments, etc.) that Pearson offers. For each of the selected specialty Areas explore and review the variety of assessment tools and services available for each. Note what specific type of assessment process each product is (Intellectual, Achievement, or Aptitude).

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