Intro to Information Technology computer science homework help

“Installation” Please respond to the following:

  • After the upgrade you had been working on was successful, you determined that you need to install a new plug-and-play printer on a user’s computer. The printer uses a USB port interface. You connect the printer to the computer and turn the printer on. Two of your colleagues are discussing whether you should use the drivers provided by the manufacturer versus the ones that ship with Windows.

Discuss the following and remember we’re learning how to work on computers and troubleshoot problems. We are the computer experts. There’s no one for us to call, we are the ones people call! Don’t rest until you have a thorough paragraph that shows your confidence!

  • What would you say to your colleagues? In a few sentences, discuss your experience with installing a printer to a computer.
  • If you have never done this before, discuss what you would do based on your learning from this week’s lessons.
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