internet of things in construction industry 1

Task1 2-3 page

You have project in Internet of things in Construction Industry you choose PPDIOO methodology Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize write about PPDIOO :

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2-how is working

3-advantage and disadvantage

4-why you chose

5-compare between PPDIOO and Three different methodology that can used in IOT (Introduction , how is working ,advantage and disadvantage)

Task 2

find the Resources plan to implement Internet of things in Construction Industry

Hardware requirement

Software requirement

Resources requirement

Task3 2-3 page

write about common architecture of IOT infrastructure and the stages of an IoT architecture write in details what is in each stage and how each stage communicate with each other architectures, Protocols, and Applications and provide with IoT architecture diagram

Task 4

write A questionnaire about implement Internet of things in Construction Industry in Sultanate of Oman add 10 questions in the Questions below (i will upload one document I need same like this for the questionnaire)

1-Will Internet of things reduce the effort and costs in the Construction Industry in Oman?



2-Is there any security to do the Internet for things in the Construction Industry?



3-Is leadership and culture important for the implementation of internet things in the construction industry?



4-What the development and Implementation Issues that will affect Construction Industry?




5-Is there any link between the IOT and construction industry?



  • * 0 % similarity
  • *references and citation is required( Article. Books and conference paper) Harvard style.
  • * kindly use the easy language.
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