individual case analysis 40 of final grade

topic is in the picture attached

Each student will write an analysis of an assigned case. The analysis, which must be five to seven pages in length, will use the case analysis method presented in class. This requirement will be discussed in class and posted on Blackboard.

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The case analysis topic will be announced early in the class. There will be a more detailed template available.

  • Case Analysis Outline

Answer each of the following questions as you prepare a written case analysis. The written case should be in essay format, MLA style, and should address each of the following questions. Suggested lengths are provided for some of the sections to give you an idea how to allocate your analysis.

1. What is/are the ethical issue(s) in the case?

• Identify the issue(s) in a couple of sentences. This is short and concise.

• Briefly, in your own words and in a couple of sentences, why is it an issue?

• What ethical models are relevant to the issue? For ethical models, consider those discussed in class, for example, utilitarianism, deontology, and Rawlsian fairness.

• (Question 1 is the first paragraph of your case analysis. It sets the stage for your analysis. (This section of the paper should be one half to one page.)

2. What are the pertinent facts of the case?

• Distinguish between more important and less important facts.

• Include as a fact if a code of ethics is available to guide the actors in the case. (Company code of ethics? Industry code? Professional code?) Also include as a fact if specific laws or regulatory standards ons are involved in the case.

• These facts must be the foundation for your alternatives and recommendations.

• (This section of the paper should be one half to one page.

3. Stakeholders, harms, benefits, and rights

• Who are the important stakeholders in the case?

• So far in the case, who has been harmed? In what ways? Who has received benefits? What specific benefits were received?

• So far in the case, whose rights or what rights have been exercised? How? Whose rights or what rights have been denied?

Ø Frame the harms, benefits, and rights in terms of where things stand in the case right now. Later, in alternatives (Question 6), you’ll discuss possible future effects on stakeholders.

Ø Primary and secondary stakeholders are discussed in the first chapters in the text.

Ø (This section of the paper should be one half to one page.)

4. What are the alternative courses of action to remedy the problem that you have identified? Who must act in each alternative?

• Provide three distinct alternatives for the most important ethical issue you identify in Question 1.

• The three alternatives should address a range of actions about that one issue only.

• (This section should not exceed one page. Do not analyze the alternatives here! )

5. Thoroughly evaluate the alternatives, their outcomes, and their possible effects on all of the parties involved.

• For each alternative: what is the effect on each important stakeholder if this course of action is followed?

• Are there any effects on stakeholders whom you do not consider “important”?

• Do these alternatives satisfy the ethical model you consider most relevant?

• (This can be a lengthy analysis as there are many stakeholders in society. It is a major part of your paper and requires you to consider all of the possibilities and their effects of the stakeholders. It should be approximately three to four pages.)

6. Make a specific recommendation based on your analysis of the case, on the important facts that you’ve identified in Question 2, and support it with an ethical model.

A) Be sure that you state how your recommendation is tied to your analysis and facts and how it is supported by ethical models.

B) Name any specific professional code(s) of ethics that might be applicable to the entities in this case and state how the code(s) would support your recommendation. Conduct research to find current day codes of ethics that are applicable. Be sure that this is a professional code, not an industry code or regulatory standard.

• Your recommendation should be one of three alternatives that you have proposed. Use supporting data (e.g., important facts of case, analysis of alternative, support offered by specific code(s) of professional ethics, key concepts studied in the course) to argue why you recommendation is the best alternative.

• Merely stating your opinion without supporting data (e.g., important facts of case, analysis of alternative, support offered by specific code(s) of professional ethics, key concepts studied in the course, and ethical models) is not a recommendation.

• Does your recommendation provide a reasoned solution to the issue(s) you identified in Question 1?

• (This part of your paper should be approximately one page.)


• The individual case analysis should be 6 to 8 pages in length with one more page added

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