IBM s quality of service guarantees computer science homework help

The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to one of the practical cloud services. IBM Cloud is a commercial product that has partnered with several major providers of specialized services and makes them available over the cloud with IBM’s quality of service guarantees. For this assignment check into the various services that IBM Cloud offers that extend the utility for many cloud users. One such service is IBM’s own, called IBM Watson. This is revolutionizing use of cloud for healthcare issues. Another product is IBM Bluemix. This is where many of the partnerships work. The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand how IBM Watson is enhancing medical diagnosis and also in a variety of other fields such as games. Write also about the various services offered through IBM Bluemix that benefit the users through appropriate partnerships with others. Mention all references that you use in writing this report. I expect your report to be between 5 and 7 pages single spaced. Submit the Assignment 2 in the link provided for this purpose.

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