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Annotated BiliographyFor this assignment, you must research a topic of your choice concerning global climate change.  Find at least five sources and annotate each source in an APA-formatted bibliography.  At least 2 of your sources must be from scholarly sources.Important: Download this template to use for this assignment.What is an annotated bibliography?An annotated bibliography is a summary of each source you found that supports your paper topic. Whether you are just using it to gather information or quoting directly from a source, you will need to include it on the annotated bibliography.What is a scholarly source?  Where do I find them?A scholarly source is one that comes from a trusted source and has undergone peer review. Most often, scholarly sources are found in scholarly journals. The best place to find scholarly journals is to use EBSCO in the EUO online library.  When conducting a search in EBSCO, select the options to search for “Full text” and “Peer reviewed” sources.Check out the Tools & Resources page to the left for information about the EUO online library and EBSCO.How do I annotate each source?Write 2-4 sentences about each source you’ve found. In the annotation, include a summary and/or evaluation of each source.Click here to see a sample annotated bibliography. Check out the Annotated Bibliography Rubric to find out how you will be evaluated.

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