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Explain your response to the questions and be sure to respond to each question in 2-3 complete sentences.

(You can find the readings of the Beliefs and Values of the Navajo on the last 5 pages of the PDF book, which starts on page 44).

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1.)Describe one of the beliefs and values of the Navajo as illustrated in your readings.

2.)Describe one way in which the Navajo have incorporated their beliefs and values into the societal structure on the reservation since regaining some autonomy in the 1970’s.

3.)What beliefs and values can be found in your culture? How do these beliefs and values influence your day-to-day life?

4.)Adopt the social science perspective to create a list of questions about this issue. Write at least two questions each from the point of view of a psychologist, a sociologist, and an anthropologist.

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