i have an essay which need to revise grammar and add some points about topic

1,Fix the first page of the essay by looking at the examples posted in the “student sample” folder in Unit 4. It looks like a list and it should not be this way.

sample:If you have tried to eat Japanese food in the United States, probably you would have

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heard or said “Oh, that’s not real Japanese food”, “Ah, that Americanized sushi roll” “They’re Chinese people”, and so on. Indeed, kinds of Japanese food served in the United States oftentimes differ greatly from that of Japan. It seems that some people are rejecting and criticising variants of Japanese food developed in the globe. The Washington Post reports Kazuhiro Okochi, a Japanese chef at KAZ Sushi Bistro in Washington, D.C. concerns that Japanese food would lose its value due to non-Japanese chefs, by saying “Japanese food and, particularly sushi, has grown so fast in the past few decades, and a lot of people just try to copy and open the restaurants, without getting much [training]” (“Why so many of America’s sushi restaurants are owned by Chinese immigrants”). It also appears that the Japanese government is motivated to distinguish traditional Japanese food from Japanese food developed outside Japan as Japanese food was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO (“Japanese cuisine wins cultural heritage status”). However, it is impossible to deny the existence of various types of Japanese food developed outside Japan. So, how has globalization created different kinds of Japanese food in the world? What is “authentic Japanese food”? Is there such a thing in reality? Is it necessary to blame Japanese food served by non-Japanese food for it being “inauthentic”?

2,Do more in-text citations and create a work-cited page. 

3,Provide more information about Uber in China. 

4,revise grammer.

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