humanities 30

The purpose of this forum is to discuss creative individuals throughout history and share information that will enhance the learning experience of fellow students.


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Look through the textbook chapters 1,2,7,8,10 and find an individual that you admire because of their exceptional creativity. Select someone whose creativity has made a positive contribution. The individual must be featured in the textbook (1,2,7,8,10) and their life must be before 1700. It must be an actual person, not a god or fictional character from a book. If you do not have access to the textbook, the chapter outlines include a list of creative individuals featured in each chapter.

Include an image of the individual or of one of their accomplishments with your post. Instructions are listed below.

Your post must be original. Do not post on the same creative individual as another student. Look through the posts already submitted to avoid duplication. Post early to have the greatest selection of creative individuals. Reduced credit will be given to posts that do not follow this requirement.

Research: Use the textbook as a starting point and do some online research to find more information about your creative individual, their ideas or creative contributions. Do not simply restate the textbook. In addition to telling us about the individual and their creative accomplishments, discuss why you think they are creative.

  • Format: Two paragraphs.
  • Title: Use the individual’s name as the title of your post in the first line in bold print

  • Paragraph 1: (10-15 sentences) Describe your creative individual. When did they live? What is their country of origin? What major contributions did they make? Give an example. Tell us something interesting about their life. Do some research to find out more about the individual. Use your own words. No lists or bullet points or quotes.
  • Paragraph 2: (10-15 sentences) Critique the individual’s contributions. Why did you select this individual? Why do you think they are creative? In your opinion what is the most interesting aspect of their career? What impressed you most about their contributions? Were they influential or did they have a positive impact on society? How did they demonstrate creativity? “I think he is creative because…I think the most important contribution they made is…I think they were influential because….I chose this individual because…” “What impressed me most about them…”
  • Include an image of the individual or of one of their accomplishments. Follow instructions listed below.
  • Word Count of entire post: 350-450

Examples: Ancient to 1700

  • philosopher
  • artist
  • composer
  • author or poet
  • architect
  • theologian
  • scientist or inventor

Replies: After submitting your post, you are required to reply to TWO posts by a fellow student. Each reply should a paragraph of approximately 100-125 words.

Your replies should include thoughtful comments that relate specifically to the post. Was anything particularly interesting or informative? Do you have any additional information to add to the post? Generic comments like “That’s really interesting! I agree he is very creative” do not count towards the minimum.

Please note: your reply should be original and and give your opinion. Do not restate another student’s reply. Reply to a different post if another student has already said what you were going to say. Redundant replies will be downgraded.

Grades: This is your classroom participation grade. Posts and replies are graded. The objective is to contribute to group learning. Posts will be graded on quality. Full credit is not automatic. Points will be deducted for posts that are not on an original topic, or lack specific information or examples, or mainly repeat the textbook. Also, posts that do not have an image or contain grammar, spelling or punctuation errors will receive reduced credit. Posts that do not follow the format or word count guidelines will be downgraded. Do some research and make your post interesting for fellow students. After a post has been submitted, there are no re-writes.

Plagiarism: Any instances of copying and pasting from an internet source will result in a zero score. Use your own words. Paraphrase what you learned from the author.

The deadline for this forum is listed in Canvas. Any student who misses two consecutive deadlines is considered inactive and my be dropped.

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