how are individuals trapped by larger social structures

Examine how common personal experiences and problems are underpinned by larger social and global contexts. Individual problems are, in brief, often rooted in global social problems. This global sociological comprehension illuminates common difficulties and, often, provides paths and possibilities for social change. Write a 4 to 5 page paper that demonstrates how individuals are “trapped” by larger social structures. The topic will be about Urbanization (e.g. segregation/gentrification)

• Integrate long-term (e.g. historical) or large-scale (e.g. global) analysis across racial/class/gender boundaries with common personal experiences as relevant.

Under the description is three articles you can use for the essay and I have attached 3 documents to the assignment. Use at least 5 of these sources. Use either footnotes or in-text citations and bibliography to indicate sources.………

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