geography with two responses

2. Conduct an Internet search to find an academic “explanation” of the term “geography”. Do not simply find definitions of the term – it roughly means “study of the earth” but that doesn’t “explain” the term. Instead, look for sites about geography, sites with geography books, organizational websites (like National Geographic), or other geographic sources.

PARAPHRASE or SUMMARIZE the the explanation you have selected and provide specific examples of how this explanation illustrates the concept of “geography”.

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Finally, write about how your research into the explanations of the concept of “geography” has changed your interpretation of what is a geographic experience. Have you had other experiences that you now consider “geographical” that you didn’t before your research?

For your replies:
Read your classmate’s posts and reply to at least two of them, providing any comments you may have on their analysis, to include adding examples to show their explanations to be accurate as well.

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