gallery review

For this paper, be sure to include: who; what; where; when; why and how. Describe the pieces in the show as a whole and describe 2-3 images in detail. Use the principles of D.I.E.T. In your report

For individual images include such things as its size, color, and type of print. Then describe the subject of the picture. Is there a feeling of motion (dynamic or static balance)? Is it composed well? What is it about? What is the photographer trying to say? What does it mean?

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If it is a group show describe the overall feel and whether it works as a whole presentation. Describe the Gallery and did you think the ‘installation’ of the photographs was done well.

Remember no copy and pasting from the internet. If you quote something include attribution (footnotes). If there is a website for the show, please include a link at the end of the report.

I went to the Getty Center in Los Angeles. I will link the website to the exhibition I went to and it will show all the photographs there. Please pick 3 photos and follow the instructions above. Any questions please feel free to ask.

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