final exam essay based on question below

What was the Tariff of 1828? How was it viewed by southerners, what were their concerns, and what did they propose as a result of the Tariff? How did the Tariff cause division between President Andrew Jackson and his Vice President John C. Calhoun? How did Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun disagree and where did each of these men draw support from? Finally, what incident occurs in 1832 to force a showdown between the two opposing sides, how did each side react, and how was the episode resolved?

Must be very clear and specific with this.. I’ve done a few times with study pool the first time I received a good grade the last two I have not being the answers weren’t correct or clear?… But that is the main question. No works cited for this essay. Essay must be body paragraph form so either intro bodies and conclusion or intro and a body paragraph for each specific question asked above. Suppose to be written knowledge based from facts and notes but can use online for some extra information precisely offcourse.ecific question. Also when I pay for 3 pages I need it to be EXACTLY 3 if not more I don’t want to pay the full price and only get 2 and a half but if anything you can go over the 3 page mark thats totally okay. Information is suppose to be based on the textbook but I’m sure from your knowledge and the textbook the answers must be the same. MLA format, so double spaced one inch margins and size 12 font Times New Roman. Please make this the best essay ever its my final grade in the class!!!

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