Environmental Science

Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECupHIOgavg&feature=youtu.beDINOSAURS VIDEO LABWrite a short paper (2-3 typewritten pages or less) analyzing the video shown in today’s lab.  In your paper, indicate:1.  The intended audience and explain your reasoning using                                               specific examples from the video;2.  What environmental/ecological principles were discussed, shown,described or mentioned (no matter how briefly);3.  What was the primary environmental focus of this video; explainyour reasoning using specific examples from the video;4.  How successful was the video at getting its primary messageacross to its intended audience; explain your reasoning;5.  Give a grade to this video from the PERSPECTIVES (a-f) of:a)  a parentb)  an educated adultc)  an environmentalistd)  a politiciane)  a business person(NOTE:  A LETTER GRADE MUST BE GIVEN FOR ALL PERSPECTIVES LISTED.NO EXPLANATION FOR THE GRADE IS NEEDED HERE; SEE #6.)6.   Choose ONE PERSPECTIVE from #5 and COMPLETELY                           EXPLAIN the reasoning behind your grade.  Use SPECIFIC                       EXAMPLES from the video to justify the grade you gave thatperspective.7.  This is a serious writing assignment.  You will be graded onyour grammar, punctuation, and writing quality.

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