Please write 3-5 pages on the following questions and organize them as you see fit into one cohesive paper.

This is related to the two reflections that you are writing, indeed I have another two paragraphs you can use for this essay.

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I am currently participating in the ELI 205 class which in full is the advanced Listening and speaking comprehension. The objectives of the class are basically to improve the speech of the students in English by improving their comprehension of the language; this is through listening and speaking. To improve the listening part, they get to listen to different podcasts, speeches and the discuss in groups or one on one to improve their speaking skills. The class in essence aims to improve the overall communication skills of the students. The students in my class are usually having problem with confidence, nevertheless, their speaking skills are perfectly fine. So my strategies is to speak more with their classmates.


I have observed that the international students are most struggling with presentations, I think this is because English is their second language and in order to present confidently in another language is not a easy thing. I noticed that they have problems in pronunciation and therefore this is an area that needs improvement; most of the time when they speak some part of their English seems broken in a way. Their strong points is that they are very hard workers and most of them are motivated towards achieving the best in their study of the language. They are also not ashamed to speak the language even if they do not fully comprehend it. One of them pointed out to me that their aim is understanding someone in conversation and as long as they achieve this no matter the brokenness in their speech, they are good; this was very encouraging.

And there are some questions you can answer from the questions sheet.

The ESL Classroom:

What did you learn about the way people learn language?

What did you learn about other cultures/countries?

What did you learn about teaching an ESL course?

What was surprising about being in an ESL classroom?

What was your favorite part of working with this group of students?

What is a funny story you remember from class?

Personal Achievements:

What did you learn about yourself in a leadership role?

How have you progressed as a TA?(Do you do things different than you did in the beginning? Have you gotten better at certain things?)

What skills did you acquire in this course?

What challenged you?

What are you most proud of learning or doing in this course?

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