employee incentive plans

Now that you have read Chapter 4 and reviewed the features of the various incentive plans, answer the following questions?

  • Are incentive plans the same for all positions in a business?
  • Are incentive plans the same for all businesses?
  • What might be appropriate for a new business start-up?
  • Does the business market impact the incentive plan design?

Example: Pharmaceutical vs. Insurance?

Exercise Guidelines:

  • Name and Student ID number (last four numbers) should be typed and appear at the top of the page
  • Page Topic: “Learning Exerciser – 4.1 – Incentive Compensation” should appear under the student name
  • Minimum of one (1) page and no more than 2 (two) pages MS Word doc.
  • MS Word doc., typed in an Arial 10 point font, single spaced
  • Well written, no spelling errors or incomplete sentences
  • If appropriate, include citations
  • Answer the questions being asked in a direct and thorough manner
  • The quality of the response is more important than the length
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