effective thesis development english comp 2

this is a brief assignment structured to familiarize students with thesis development and outlining strategies, while allowing a brief writing on one of a number of topics.

1. Select one of the following topics;

2. identify an audience and provide a very brief description of that audience;

3. next, draft an outline to include a thesis statement, a statement identifying your writing purpose, as well as an identification and description of your intended audience;

4. In addition to the thesis statement, also include a topic sentence for the other two paragraphs; and

5. write the three paragraphs articulating your perspective on the selected topic.

The topics are:

  • using writing as a tool of expression;
  • your strengths as a writer;
  • your greatest writing challenge;
  • the economic outlook for 2019;
  • the importance of writing well;
  • the differences between informative and persuasive writing; or
  • “why write?”

The assignment is not to write an essay, but rather to write three well structured paragraphs. Remember to think about who might be the best audience for this topic, as well as your approach to the topic. Feedback on this application assignment will provide guidance for future writing assignments. Please see this assignment as an opportunity to get additional input on your writing, and to demonstrate your comprehension of important course concepts prior to completing and submitting a major essay assignment.

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