Editing and Proofreading writing homework help

Assignment is completed and found on the attach sheet, I need help on editing such as checking grammar errors, punctuations, sentence structure, and making overall paper smooth based on the following guideline listed under. ( Please do not change the meaning or sense of the sentence, but you can add some words and phrases)

Assignment Guideline:

I (professor) am the audience for the report, which can be written in memo form (from you to me) if you prefer. Your report will likely draw on the following elements of empirical research reports:

  • Introduction: include the topic and target audience. If there is specific background knowledge that your target audience has, note that here. If some of your test users don’t have that knowledge, note that as well.
  • Method: describe your draft, your test readers, your procedure. Be as specific as possible.
  • Summary of Key Findings: report the results your test produced (where test readers had difficulties, what they said, etc.). Be specific.
  • Revisions: Tell what you learned overall from your test and note the changes that you made to your instructions as a result of you learned.
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