easy extra credit

  1. Read this excerpt from Plato’s Phaedo.
  2. Identify the three arguments presented in support of the claim that the soul is immortal.
  3. Summarize ONE of the arguments. (Total word count not to exceed 100)
  4. Choose ONE of the three arguments to analyze (Total word count not to exceed 300):
    • Explain the argument, which includes a discussion of the elements and their relations.
  5. Analyze a connection between the argument you chose and Socrates’s discussions of death in the apology. Pay particular attention to the claims relating to virtue and harm. (See, e.g., pp. 5, 6, 8, and 15.) (Total word count not to exceed 400)
  6. Propose a connection between the results of your analyses from #4 and #5 above, and the excerpt we began discussing on Tuesday, March 17. You can find it under Week 7. (Total word count not to exceed 200)
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