Task 2 Kindly read the research paper titled “Environmental impact of e-commerce and other sustainability Implications of the information economy” and answer the following: a) Debate on the role of information economy for Sustainable development of the society. b) Debates on how E-Commerce provides a Sustained Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era. Task 3: Carefully read the provided research papers • Role of financial institutions in boosting e-banking in Pakistan. • The Adoption of e-Banking: The Case of Omani Banks and answer the following: a. Discuss the barriers faced in adoption of e-banking in view point of Omani banks and global banking. You can choose any local bank to discuss. b. Propose recommendations to eliminating the barriers in adapting to e-banking. Recommendations should comprise of Social, Legal and Ethical barriers and their solution. TASK4: Format & Referencing (10 Marks) Requirement: 1 Words limit = 3000 approximately (excluding table of content and reference list) 2 References (Harvard Style) = At least 15 references are required from books, journal articles, newspaper articles, electronic books, electronic journals etc. Students are advised to take at least 03 references from each of the above mentioned sources. i. The words limit for the assignment is 3000 (approximately). For each question, you are expected to write at least 700 words for each question. ii. The document should be well presented and neatly done.

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