discussion post minimum 400 words

Review and reflect on the Alternative Treatment Discussion Board. Based on your review and reflection of new learnings in this course, write at least 400-600 words on the following:

  • What have you learned from others’ responses?
  • What were the most compelling points from the interaction with your fellow students?
  • How did participating in this discussion help in your understanding of the Discussion Board task?

Student 1 reply:

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Thank you for sharing your recommendation with us. I completely agree with you that the 12-Step program might not be appealing to some because of the religious component of it. I also do not like it because it seems to be a one-size-fits all treatment. I really like your recommendation of treatment. I like that it not only has no spiritual component to it so more people will be able to benefit from it, but that it also has CBT as part of the therapy. CBT is, in my opinion, a very solid type of treatment. Another factor that you mentioned is that it is not peer supported so it helps the addict be more independent. Even though it is good to have some support, I also believe that 12-Step programs can become a crutch for the addict. It is better for the addict to learn how to deal with his or her addiction independently and with the suport of his or her closest relatives and friends. Yes, it does not hurt to have a support group; however, if the 12-Step is the only form of treatment, I don’t think it is good. 12-Step programs should be used as an accessory to other types of treatments, not as the main treatment.

What do you think of holistic approaches for this client? Do you think there is any specific type of holistic approach that would benefit them? In fact, do you believe in holistic approaches?

Looking forward to your answers.


Student reply 2:

Hello Krystal,

I enjoyed reading your very informative discussion board post. You explained the S.M.A.R.T. program very well. I too believe that due to the 12 step programs focusing on a religious (versus spiritual) aspect is one reason there is not a higher success rate. I have learned that when we are faced with adversity the people who don’t seek a higher power, or have and not felt the connection find this aspect of the program difficult at best. If the belief system is not there then it is not likely they can adhere to the steps in the program. Would you say you agree?

Student reply 3:

Hello Krystal. You post was very informative. I agree that the spirituality part of the 12-step program may be a huge turn off for some. If a person is not spiritual, it would be a waste of time for all involved. Even if a person is spiritual but are of another faith, it would not work for them. I like that SMART requires that the person take responsibility for their own recovery. The techniques prepare them to handle everything they may encounter while going through the process and afterwards as well. I chose this program for discussion. Keep up the good work.

Silvanus Harris

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