discussion 816

Salvador Dalí: A Master of the Modern Era. MIKOS ARTS – A Documentary for educational purposes only (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Salvador Dalí: A Master of the Modern Era. MIKOS ARTS - A Documentary for educational purposes only

For this week’s discussion, we get to watch a fantastic video on Salvador Dali, famed Surrealist and eccentric! This video is a crowd pleaser and sure to keep you entertained! Before you view the link, make sure to preview the questions below- it may be helpful to take notes as you watch the video.

After you watch the video, tell us (in this numbered prompt):

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  1. Define Surrealism.
  2. How do YOU take in art in entertainment? In what forms? Media? TV, computer games? Reading? Magazines?
  3. How does surrealism intersect with the art that you take in? In greater society (media)?
  4. Is surrealism all around us? How so?
  5. Provide 3 examples of surrealism in 2018. Not in traditional art forms. Advertising? Tv shows? Technology? Life? Do not limit your self to images from the textbook! Use image
  6. How do you think Dali influenced artists of the future? After that you are going to answer another question that you have to use text book to answer these question. Be sure to address all 5 points!
    1. What is Pop art?
    2. How do YOU think that Pop Art challenge conventional ideas about originality?
    3. Is it original if it’s taken from already existing imagery?
    4. Provide an example that YOU would consider Pop Art, from the textbook. (embed an image)
    5. In today’s world, what kinds of images would be considered POP ART? (provide a few examples)
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