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All discussion board assignments, in addition to being posted as a draft to the discussion board for Designated Devil’s Advocate (DDA) interaction and general feedback, will have a final version submitted through an assignment tool link in their respective bi-weekly assignment folder. The assignment tool link will take the submission through the SafeAssign process, to check for problematic overlap, and also provide for a more consistent submission and grading process. Grading for these assignments begins on the day after the last day of the bi-weekly period, so the final versions of the Weeks 8 and 9 written assignments are due to the assignment tool link on the last day of Week 9, and grading will begin the day after that. Feedback will be given before the next set of bi-weekly assignments are due (so, in the example above, Weeks 8 and 9 feedback will be given before Weeks 10 and 11 final versions are due); please refer to your professor’s grading policy for more precise information.

Weighty Posting

In order to keep discussions lively please choose at least ONE of the weighty questions below and post your draft to the discussion board no later than the start of Week 9

Compose and submit to the Discussion Board, as a reply to the appropriate Weighty Post Option thread, a structured post (a structured post has an introduction, a conclusion, and a developed body that flows well – generally at least a few paragraphs – at least 250 words), using your own words, on at least one of these weighty questions. Make sure to include an introduction and a conclusion (because even with Tinder you don’t just grab your date at the door and start kissing him/her – flowers, dancing, dinner, etc., – and, you don’t just silently get up and leave the table at the end of the date – coffee, scotch, handshake, “I had a great time!”, etc.):

  1. In Weeks 1 and 2 you read a Gartner article about synthesizing. In that spirit, you need to choose at least three (3) of Gartner articles on IT Ethics from the Gartner Field Trip section to combine together along with any previous knowledge you have on IT Ethics (learned from this class or others, or the real world) to synthesize into one post, creating and expressing new insights. Your synthesis needs to include the main point of the articles you’ve chosen to synthesize as well as the new perspectives and insights you have formed from the synthesis of the information. You don’t have to write in a boring and stilted academic style in your summary and analysis – it’s all right (and encouraged!) to write in an engaging style!
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