Humphrey, J. A., & Schmalleger, F. (2012).

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Deviant behavior (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

The word count is beside each question and how many scholarly sources it needs. APA guidelines, correct grammar, punctuation mark, make sure to use the book as one of the references. All parts of question must be answer. Reference goes after each question.

1. Imagine a society without social norms, behavioral expectations, or laws. What would it be like? How would people behave? (Word count 250) 2 Scholarly source.

2. What are the vast majorities of deviant behaviors routine and institutionalized and so few are considered innovative or idiosyncratic? (Word count 250 and 3 scholarly sources).

3. Are different theoretical models needed to explain the onset of deviant behavior, the persistence, and desistence of that behavior? Which theoretical model(s) do you believe best account for the onset, the persistence, and desistance of deviant behavior? (Word Count 250 and 3 scholarly sources).

4. How do social structural arrangements affect social processes that, in turn, account for variations in rates of deviant behaviors?(Word Count 250 and 3 scholarly source.)

5. What assumptions about society underlie the conflict, functionalist, social disorganization, differential association, and social learning theoretical perspectives? (Word count 250 and 3 scholarly source.)

6. Is this taking of one’s own life ever justified? (Word count 250 and 2 Scholarly Source).

7. What is suicide by cop? (Word count 250 and 3 scholarly source).

8. Identify two sociocultural changes that might bring about reduction in the violent victimization of children. How might these sociocultural changes affect the incidence and rate of childhood physical and sexual victimization? (Word count 250 and 3 scholarly source.)

9. What is the link between involvement in domestic violence either as an offender or a victim and the likelihood of engaging in violent behavior outside the home? (Word count 250 and 3 scholarly source.

10. Discuss the sociopolitical conditions that serve to perpetuate the forms of violent behaviors outside the home? (250 word count and 3 scholarly sources.)

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