david hume on miracles using only one of his books

You will find the book accessible from Davidhume.org — The book “An Enquiry concerning human understanding” will be the primary source of the essay. You will need to use at least two scholarly articles regarding David Hume on miracles

Follow the book “An Enquiry concerning human understanding” miracles will be section 10 of the book. Organize the essay structurally the way he outlines it in the book. Explain his theory on miracles thoroughly

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MAKE SURE TO USE AT LEAST TWO SCHOLARLY ARTICLES THAT DISCUSS HIS VIEW (please site all sources including the book mentioned above in line and a works cited page)

MLA FORMAT 9 pages single spaced 12 font Times new roman

Four important things:

1. Stay on the topic of free will

2. understand material thoroughly before writing

3. essay should progress as the book progresses

4. Cite sources

Please contact with any questions

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