Dante The Divine Comedy Volumes one two and three writing homework help

The subject of the paper is Dante: midway in the Comedia, and the topic of your paper is emphasis on Vol. 1 midway, Vol. 2 midway, Vol. 3 midway. Omit none of these. The actual focus of your paper is Florence and Dante’s diagnosis of its political problems.

Stay focused on these issues. DON’T get lost in broad abstractions. I suggest that you focus on the one good and concrete idea: Dante’s love and concern for Florence and its political well-being. Be sure to analyze the development of Dante’s ideas and prognoses. Don’t just describe analyze.

Use 12 point font, times new roman, double space, 3 1/2 pages + one page for work cited, MLA style. Be sue not to use YOU as an indefinite pronoun!

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