critical writing analysis jackson pollock 1

1. Biographical sketch – This portion of the writing assignment should be comprised of biographical information on an artist of your choice from the textbook.

* Length: At least 3 complete paragraphs (no less than 500 words)
* Suggestions for material: Name, date and place of birth and death, family information, lifetime accomplishments, famous art pieces, effects or impact on society, historical

2. Provide a bibliographical reference in the correct MLA style with at least 3 sources. Online sources are ok, but at least one source must not be digital. If you fail to provide a bibliography – you will receive an automatic deduction of 15 points. Do not forget to include this!

3. Critical Analysis – This portion of the writing assignment should be your own opinion of a work of art by the same artist you chose for the biographical essay. You must base your opinion on the principles of design and the elements of art – using this specific vocabulary throughout. Do not simply describe the work or state whether or not you “like” the work. (no less than 500 words)

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