creating populating and querying tables

Using your ERD from the Module 3 CT assignment, along with any design changes you wish to make, develop a spreadsheet of table specification metadata, in the format presented in Module 4, for the design of physical relational database tables, their columns, and necessary integrity constraints.

Then, based on your table specification metadata and using your selected RDBMS from Module 4 (i.e., SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL) and DDL SQL (i.e. CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, and ALTER TABLE statements), develop an SQL script file to create the corresponding relational database tables.

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Then, using an SQL script file of DML SQL INSERT statements, populate each table with two rows of data.

Finally, using an SQL script file of SQL SELECT statements, perform queries to display all data in each table.

Submit your Excel spreadsheet of table specification metadata. Submit the following outputs of your SQL script file processing, in this order and appropriately labeled, in a single Word file:

  1. Your DDL SQL and results used to create your tables
  2. Your DML SQL INSERT statements and results used to populate your tables
  3. Your SQL SELECT statements and results showing the contents of each table

You must show all of your SQL as it executed in Management Studio or other development environments. This includes the results returned by your selected RDBMS.

At the top of your Word file include your name, and the date.

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