creating a form page

Deliverables: One (1) Web page and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css)

Note: The CGI bin script does not work for us because we do not have a server to run it on.

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Therefore, we will use the code listed here instead of the .js files.

In order to have the Submit and Cancel buttons clear the fields, put this line in your code:

After your <head> tag:

<meta charset=”utf-8″ />

And this line after your <body> tag:

<form id=’sampleform’ method=’post’ action=” >

The above code will help the fields clear without taking you away from the page.

  1. Re-create the Web page with a form, and create a heading that states your name and the purpose of the page. Example: “Mary Smith’s Sample Form Page” states the purpose of the page.
  2. Create an entry field for:
    1. “Name”.
    2. “Street Address”.
    3. “City”.
    4. “State (abbr.)”.
  3. Create the formstxt.css sheet and apply it to the page.
  4. Enter your city and state as the default values for the fields.
  5. Use local tags on the page to override the .ccs and set the size of the font for “Student Information” to 16 pt.
  6. Create the “Submit” and “Cancel” buttons.
  7. Validate that the buttons clear the name and street address when selected.
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