create a simple home page blog 1

You will create a simple home page using this blog.

PARAGRAPH 1: Provide information about your background:

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– Name

– Major

– Research Interest ( 1 paragraph)

– Hometown

– Place where you currently reside (if on campus, type “MSU Campus”)

– Place of employment (if currently employed)

– MSU email address (this will be the primary means of communication for this class)

– Other email address

– Preferred contact telephone number.

PARAGRAPH 2: Provide any interesting information about you that you will like to share

with the class (such as hobbies, activities, family, unique experiences, etc.).


Append a photo of yourself, using the “Insert image” icon (shown below). Click on the 3rd

icon. Do not use the 2nd (attach) icon.

The photo must be a clear representation of yourself. The photo must not be too large such that

it will cover much of the page. A preferred pixel size is 300 x 300.

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