court system concept maps

This assignment will assess Competency 5: Explore key concepts in the court system.

Create three separate concept maps or visual representations of that communicate the concepts below:

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  • Key Courthouse Players Your concept map / visual should include job titles and descriptions of all major courthouse staff members, prosecution team members, and defense team members.
  • Federal and State Courts Your concept map should identify the major types of courts found in the United States, show the relationship between the differenc court system, and demonstrate the order of supremacy.
  • The Steps in a Felony Prosecution Be sure to add a section that shows (1) how successful or unsuccessful motions in court might alter this process (2) how some steps can be avoided or combined.

Wondering how to create a concept map? You can use a web-based mind mapping tool like Coggle or Wisemapping, insert shapes in Microsoft Word, or even draw your map by hand and scan it for upload as a .PDF. Oh, and be sure to check out these examples from Tony Buzan, the self-described “inventor of mind mapping,” for inspiration.

If you used a web-based tool to create your concept maps, submit the PDFs or JPG files for this assignment. If you drew your concept maps by hand, you will need to scan them for upload to the dropbox. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can use your phone. See “Five Best Mobile Document Scanning Apps” (Alan Henry, LifeHacker) for more information.

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