continuity of operations exercise for long term facility


The purpose of this Continuity of Operations (COOP) Exercise is to test the COOP Plan that the group developed as part of creating a “healthy health care entity.”

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Exercise Scenario:


Maryland is bracing for what is expected to be another heavy snow storm. The state us still digging out from the storm that hit 3 days ago that dropped up to a foot of snow in different areas of the state. Your county was one of the luckier ones and only received about 3-4 inches.However, the predictions for this next storm are for a foot or more of snow in most of the counties, including where your health care facility is located. It looks like you the state has about 48 hours to prepare for this next storm, which is expected to bring high winds with it as well.

The Governor has already declared a state of emergency. The National Guard has been activated. The State-wide Command Center is operational at the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).Representatives from every state agency are present at MEMA 24/7 as of today.

Businesses and families were already encouraged to obtain emergency supplies; and to activate their emergency preparedness plans.Businesses and health care facilities have been asked to prepare to close so that residents can shelter-in-place for this massive snow storm. The state wants to keep everyone off of the roads for snow removal.The roads need to be cleared and accessible for emergency vehicles.Beginning at 8 PM tonight, under the state of emergency, the Governor has issued a curfew.Unauthorized drivers on the roads will be ticketed and possibly arrested.

Health care facilities are preparing for possible decreases in staff to care for in-patients. Local health care providers who are not hospital-based are being asked to be prepared to assist with patients in other health care sites. Many of these providers are already trained as volunteers for the state and can be deployed during emergencies such as this one.

just do Phase 1 not all of them just phase 1


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