complete all 3 questions

Each answer must be one page, so total 3 pages.

1) Explain why the !Kung San as described in Marjorie Shostak’s ethnography do not have a primitive culture, but they could be said to have a ‘primitive’ social structure.

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a. You will need to explain what culture is, and why no culture is any more advanced or primitive than any other.

b.You will need to explain that there a limited number of ways to organize human society that recur throughout human history and geography, and the most basic way to do it is in a foraging band. Define what that is, why its ‘primitive’, and also why its not ‘primitive’ in the sense of deficient or uncomfortable or failing to meet human needs.

2) Choose one of the ‘illness narratives’ in Seth Holmes Fresh Fruit Broken Bodies and describe how that man’s illness came about through structural violence and how his medical experiences exposed him to symbolic violence. BE SPECIFIC with info from text

3) Seth Holmes explains why participant observation in ethnography is so important and why no other form of research can give the same kind of information about other people’s lives. He goes on to say that his research in particular needed his bodily experience for information, he calls it embodied ethnography.

a. Explain what participant observation and ethnographic research are and why they are key methods in cultural anthropology.

b. Describe what he learns through bodily experience. Use THREE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from text.

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