History part one week 3 forum

Debate Instructions:

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You have been divided into two groups. Group A will support Booker T. Washington’s position. Group B will support W. E. B. Du Bois’s position. To participate in the debate, you need to research both positions. The required work will help you. Who will you be in the debate? Your character does not have to be an actual historical figure. You can be, for example, a domestic servant or a sharecropper. Just make sure that you ground your analysis in academic sources and you demonstrate you have done all the required work by integrating it into your debate positions. Stay in character for your responses because each response is part of the debating.

Group A: Your last name begins with A-M.

Group B: Your last name begins with N-Z.

The initial post will be at least 300 words. References ,in text citation.Whatever you write should be in character. Be creative! Remember that everything you argue, although in character, must be grounded in academic research and must demonstrate you have done the required work.

Economics 310 week 3 forum

What are some of the factors that have caused the economic transitions that we’ve seen since the 1970s? Give some examples. Do you think we will continue to see transitions—why or why not? 250 word . In text citation and references.

Business 410 week 3 forum


Read the various perspectives on going to war in Iraq.

President Bush

David Koehler

Compare and contrast former President Bush’s claim that Iraq was a threat to world peace with David Koehler’s position on the issue. Which claims are valid? Which are based on fallacious reasoning (note instances)? Who has the stronger argument? Why?


Your response must be in your own words. Your initial post should be 3 to 4 short paragraphs that reflect research, course content synthesis and reflection. Provide citations for the source of your learning. 250 words in text citation and reference

History 322 part 2 week 3 forum

Pick one historical figure or group listed below- each of these people or groups are connected to African American Military History from 1877 to 2017.

This essay must be at least 300 words. They are both graded with the essay grading rubric. Therefore, do not use your textbook or an encyclopedia. Research in the library or from the course bibliography. You must cite and use at least one academic source. You may research on the Internet. However, if you do, you must, in writing, analyze the academic validity of your website using the CRAAP test.

The CRAAP test will help you learn what an academic source is:

  • Currency: How old is it? Is it up-to-date? Or is it a primary source document?
  • Reliability and Relevance: What is the source of the information? Is it relevant to your topic? Who published it? Is it peer-reviewed? Is there a bias?
  • Authority: Who is the author? What are their credentials? What is their field of expertise?
  • Purpose or Point-of-View: What is the author’s intention? Who is it written for (which audience)? Is this a primary source or secondary document? Is it a tertiary document (not allowed)?

For online sources, you must ask addition questions. What is the domain (.edu?)? Who publishes the site, or sponsors it? Is it recent (has it been updated)? Are there advertisements or signs that it is a poorly designed website with all kinds of distractions? Is the site supposed to be an academic one? Or is it someone’s pet project?

Remember that this is a formal essay of at least 300 words and you need an introduction (with a thesis statement), body, and conclusion. You must cite and use at least one academic source. Because students must respond, please post your essay as soon as possible.

Tell the class the history of this person(s) as it relates to African American Military History and remember to cite where you found your information.

Pick wisely!!!..These are first come, first serve. Points will be deducted for repeating material already covered and you must label your forum heading with the key figure’s name or group’s name.

***You can label your heading prior to writing your forum response- Pick one from the list below of African American Military figures.

Dorie Miller

James Stone

Harlem Hellfighters

James Reese Europe

Henry Johnson

Needham Roberts

1918 Army Nurse Corps

78th Tank Battalion

24th Infantry Regiment

Charles B. Hall

Triple Nickels -555th Parachute Infantry Company

Harriet M. Waddy

Nancy Leftenant-Colon

William Henry Thompson

Clotilde Dent Bowen

Fred Moore

Milton L. Olive III

Benjamin L. Hunton

Frederic E. Davidson

Clara Leach Adams-Ender

Hazel Winifred Johnson

Roscoe Robinson Jr.

Sherian Grace Cadoria

Henry Doctor Jr.

Freddie Stowers

Larry Jordan

Imam Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad

Gene C. McKinney

Vernon Baker

Erroll M. Brown

Samuel A. Woods Jr.

Wesley A. Brown

Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr.

Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr.

Ruth Lucas

Juanita Bell

Lloyd W. “Fig” Newton

Daniel H. “Chappie” James Jr.

Marcelite Jordan Harris

Virgil and Sheldon Starkes

Carlette “CJ” Jones

James E. Johnson

Frederick C. Branch

Frank E. Peterson Jr.

James Anderson Jr.

Alford McMichael

Denise H. Hoover

Gilda Jackson

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