communication assignment 5

WRKIT2010: Industry Communication Assignment

Due: Week Nine

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Points: 50

Assume you are communicating with another member of your work experience organization with regard to some job/task you are completing for them. Produce a document of the details using language of the profession (bill of materials, work order, specification sheet, proposal, status update, etc.), as well as a second document using non-technical terms to explain the same job/task, assuming the person is not familiar with the industry jargon. This will be submitted as three separate documents.


  1. A document using industry specific language to communicate the job/task you are completing. Example (Direct supervisor in your department)
  2. A document using non-industry specific language to communicate the job/task you are completing. Example (The client or company team members)

A document as a narrative of the above documents explaining the differences and why you need to be able to communicate both ways.

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