Collegiate University Election Day law homework help

The process of preparing an appellate brief begins with reviewing the facts and law applied at the trial level. This assignment is based on the facts included in the problem “Defamation” that can be found in Appendix E on page 412. Complete the following assignment:

  • Review the facts contained in this problem and to collect applicable research regarding slander.
  • Summarize the material contained in the sources you have found and be sure to cite your references.
  • The product of your research will be used to draft the argument section of an appellate brief in your next assignment.
  • Be sure to follow these guidelines:
    • You will be assessed on the depth of your research and its applicability to the facts provided.
    • In addition you must proofread your material, and submit it without grammar, spelling, or other mechanical errors.
    • Cite all of your sources in Bluebook format, including the text, lectures, and other sources.
    • Proofread carefully – spelling and other mechanics count.
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