chinese immigrants and transcontinental railroad

How did the building of the transcontinental railroad affect Californians? How did the railroad affect labor, and especially, how did it affect Chinese immigrants? What questions do you have? (Use specific examples to support your observations)

1. Name, Topic, Discussion Date (3/13/18)

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2. At the top, please briefly list the week’s reading–I will copy your questions and the list of reading (author, title, date) will help students to remember what authors we are discussing. (Pacific El Dorado, Chapter 6; Johnson, Roaring Camp, 185-274; and Lodha & Walker, Atlas, Chapter 5.)

3. List about 8 questions that best address the themes to be found in specific readings. Cite the reading or readings to be used in the answer.

4. Address all of the reading with one or two final questions. These 1 or 2 questions should focus on the broad themes, allowing students to answer with multiple sources from the week.


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