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Overview: This assignment asks you to write a paper about how poetry can connect with and enrich our understanding of contemporary social issues.

You will choose a social issue we’ve discussed in class and will draw connections between poems and articles related to that social issue.

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You will use poems from Weeks 11-15, articles available in the “Article Resource Bank for Research Paper” module, and at least one outside source from your own research on the topic.

You may follow the outline that you created in the Research Paper Outline assignment, or you may choose to make changes in your final paper from that outline.


  1. Demonstrate your ability to read, understand, and analyze poetry.
  2. Demonstrate your ability to make critical connections between poetry and news articles, academic journal articles, and other informational sources.
  3. Demonstrate your ability to conduct research and select credible, trustworthy sources.
  4. Demonstrate your ability to write a college-level research and analysis paper.

Audience: Your audience is your instructor. That means your audience expects college-level academic writing that follows the guidelines of the assignment and is largely free of grammatical errors. Your audience will be familiar with all of the poetry, articles, and social issues that have been discussed in class.

Your audience is NOT looking for your personal opinions on social issues or poems.

Content Requirements: Your Research Paper should consist of the following 4 components:

    • Introduce the social issue you will be discussing.
    • Introduce the poems and the articles you will be connecting and analyzing.
    • State your thesis clearly and in one sentence as the final sentence of your introduction paragraph.
      • Your thesis statement should explain how the poems you are writing about help illuminate, examine, expand, challenge, or otherwise inform the ongoing conversation about the social issue you have selected.
    • Your body paragraphs should:
      • Analyze the poems you are writing about and explain how they are connected to the social issue you have selected.
      • Report key information you have found in the articles you are writing about as they relate to your social issue.
      • Make critical connections between the ideas you have identified in the poems and the information you have found in the articles.
      • You should expect to have 1-3 body paragraphs per page of your Research Paper.
    • Restate the main connections that you made between your poems and articles.
    • Restate your thesis clearly.
    • Give proper citations for your articles and your poems on a separate page/pages following the end of your paper.
      • These should be arranged in alphabetical order and written using a hanging indent (the first line is not indented, but the following lines for each entry are indented).
      • Note: Each poem we’ve read should include its source at the bottom of the poem. If you do a Google search for the book, magazine, or literary journal, you should find the additional information you need to write a full citation for the poem.
      • Remember to check out the Purdue OWL website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ( . If you use a citation generator, you are responsible for double-checking its formatting against these resources for accuracy.
      • Your Works Cited listings do NOT count toward your overall page length requirements.

REMINDER: This is NOT an opinion paper. You are NOT writing about your opinion on a particular social issue. You are not writing about your personal experience with a particular social issue. You are not writing about your opinions of the poems. You are making critical connections between poems and articles as they relate to a social issue.


  • You must select any 2-4 poems from Weeks 11-15 to analyze and connect with articles in your paper.
    • While the poems do not all have to be from the same week, they MUST all connect to the same social issue. For example, some of the poems from Week 12 could relate to both family and work/economic issues.
  • You must select 3-5 articles to discuss and connect with your chosen poems.
    • At least ONE article must be from your own research on the social issue. This article must be from a reliable, trustworthy source.
    • At least ONE article must be one from the “Article Resource Bank for Research Paper” module that we have NOT read and discussed as a class.
    • At least ONE article must be one that we have read and discussed as a class in Weeks 11-15.
    • If you are using more than 3 articles, the remaining articles may come from any of the above sources (your own research, articles we’ve read together as a class in Weeks 11-15, or other articles from the “Article Resource Bank”).
  • Final paper should be 6-8 pages in length. Your Works Cited listing does not count toward this page requirement.
  • Worth 250 points.
  • Students will be prompted to submit the paper through TurnItIn on Canvas.
  • See below for due date information.

Opportunity for Extra Credit:

  • Research Paper turned in by 11:59 pm on Friday, 05/11: +20 points extra credit
    • This replaces two quizzes, two discussions, or most of a VSP.
  • Research Paper turned in by 11:59 pm on Monday, 05/14: +10 points extra credit
  • Final Deadline: 11:59 pm on Friday, 05/18 (no extra credit or penalty for turning it in by the final deadline).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Canvas records the time of your paper’s submission. The above deadlines will be enforced as written.
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