can you help me program a poker assignment using c


Basic functions:

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  • Create Deck object
    • Should contain collection of 52 card objects
    • Each card object should be unique (suit and value)
    • Order of cards in container should be randomized
  • Player Object
    • Has container referred to as hand which holds 5 cards
    • Cards should be ordered in hand to find hand values
    • Should have wallet (contains balance of how much money the player has)
  • At least 2 players, but no more than 5 can be created.
  • Cards can be moved from Deck to Hands (This is called dealing)
  • Values are determined by finding hand type
    • Straight Flush
    • Four of a Kind
    • Full House
    • Flush
    • Straight
    • Three of a Kind
    • Two Pair
    • One Pair
    • High Card
  • Hands of players can be compared by value to determine who wins the round.
    • Tie Breakers are based on High Card value.

Game Engine – Sets State of game based on activity diagram

  • Initial Menu
    • Go to Table (go to Game)
    • See Rules (display list of rules)
    • Quit Game (exits program)
  • Table Menu
    • This is a good place for game options like number of players (optional)
    • Leave table (returns to Initial Menu)
    • Ante up (places initial bet and starts round)
    • Should display player wallet (how much money they have)
  • Round Starts –
    • Ante placed in pot
    • Cards are dealt to players
    • 1st betting cycle
      • Player to left of dealer places bet
      • Next player calls (places same bet), folds (drops out of game), or raises bet (increases amount)
      • Betting cycle continues till all players who have not folded have placed the same amount of money in the pot.
    • Discard Phase (players choose whether they want to keep or change the cards they want.)
    • 2nd betting cycle – just like first.
    • Hands are shown and winner determined.
    • Payout made to winner (take value from pot and add it to that player’s wallet)
    • Return to table state


  • Interactive menu with choices for Initial menu and table menu
  • “See Rules” option will display a summarized set of rules for 5 card Draw.
  • During game hand of main player should display.
  • All displayed screens should be organized easy to read.

Code Standards

  • All variable names should be meaningful.
  • Code tabs should line up in proper scope.
  • Any tricky or unclear code should have comments
  • Any straight forward and easy to read code should not need comments.
  • Remember DRY method (Do Not Repeat Yourself).
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