business communication and academic writing

This assessment comprises two parts:

• Part A: Portfolio of communication materials (1000 words) As the Communications Manager at the Commonwealth Bank you are coordinating an end of year dinner for clients, staff and special guests, such as politicians and celebrities. The dinner will be held on 15 December 2018 from 6pm to 11.00pm at the Westin Hotel at Martin Place, Sydney. There will be a range of entertainment and three course dinner served at the event As part of the communications of this project you are required to prepare:

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– An email to staff inviting them to the event (200 words)

– A letter to an external special guest inviting them to the event (250 words)

– A progress report to the Chief Executive Officer on how preparations of the event are proceeding (350 words)

– A report structure (table of contents) suitable for a final event report (200 words). Hypothetical information, such as names, contact numbers and event details can be used to create the communication materials.

• Part B: Reflection on academic progress (1000 words) In this part of your assessment you are to reflect on your academic progress in this unit. Specifically you are to consider your Assessment 2 Turnitin Report, as well as all feedback from your lecturer and a Studiosity submission. Put forward suggestions on how you will improve your academic practice as a result of lessons learnt from this unit. Both Part A and Part B should be submitted as a single document. Read the attached rubric to see the specific marking criteria for this assessment.

Required :

– 2000 words

– Please do reference from all the website on Google not in the book.

And My feedback from the lecturer :

-I can see that you have tried to paraphrase and explain the concepts which is good. However, you haven’t answered the second part of the question at all, nor do you have any academic references, which you most certainly need in an academic essay.

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