bus309 week 9 discussion response j f

Respond to this post in 150 words or more agreeing, disagreeing, or giving an opinion.

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Nurse Briana did the ethical thing in going forward about the lack of training and the inadequate safety gear. By coming forward, Briana brought attention and may have saved additional lives or people from getting sick. It is never okay to put someone at risk. I do understand the hospital reputation is at stake but like Anderson Cooper stated, Briana bringing this forward could be a teaching opportunity for other hospitals.

I do not believe Briana should lose her job. On the contrary, they should recognize the courage it took for her to come forward and do what it is right. She took a chance at losing her job in order to bring light to this situation. The hospital should recognize what they did wrong and come up with a plan of what to do different the next time.

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