Aviation Research writing homework help

 The research topic will be weather hazards.  The intent is to identify different types of weather hazards, the severity of each one of them and how many accident each hazard cause to aviation on an x period of time.

When I selected the topic, the professor came back with this:

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“Be sure to bring in the SMS theory of planning and decision making for Weather hazards. Discuss in your paper the 4 Pillars of SMS .  SAFETY POLICY, SAFETY PROMOTION, SAFETY RISK MANAGEMENT AND SAFETY ASSURANCE.”

So that needs to be included on the paper.

Instructions are as follows:

  *  A minimum of 15 substantive text pages, maximum 25 substantive pages. 

  * Use Times New Roman 12 pt font or equivalent

  *  Format should conform to the APA Publication Manual latest edition.

  *  Should contain at least 6 reference sources to books, journal articles, magazines, technical pubs etc.  What I mean is that listing most of your sources as website links is not acceptable. 

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