assignment 5 and 6 love aubrey novel

Book: Love Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

Part 1

These books are directed at middle school readers and address young adolescent themes of belonging, identity, family, friendship, and self-acceptance. Discuss the importance of point of view, character, and tone in treating these sensitive subjects an engaging way to young readers. Do you think they were effective?

Please write 4 paragraphs and use APA format.

Part 2

An interesting activity when you are teaching a text is something called “pass the question”. It is based upon the work of Dr. Robert Probst, an ELA educator and researcher.

Divide students into collaborative groups of four. Each student is given one question about the assigned text, which he or she then circulates amongst his/her group. Probst emphasizes asking open-ended questions about a text as opposed to posing questions that might elicit specific knowledge concerning literary devices. For example, we are not going for, “Where is the rising action in this book?”. Students pass each question about the text around to his or her group and each member writes an answer to the question. The group then discusses their answers to see if there are any common threads (similarities) or differences (contrasting ideas) in their responses. Groups are given a set amount of time to write responses to questions and to discuss them. You may then want to have a whole class discussion about one or more of the questions with groups reporting their findings.

Come up with at least two open-ended questions for teaching the above texts. Are there other adolescent fiction works aimed at middle school readers that you would like to share?

Please make sure Part 1 and Part 2 are in different docutments and are completed separatly

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