article analysis 16

Journal Article Analysis

Directions: Respond to each question in one or two sentences

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1.What public health problem is the study described in this article attempting to address?

2.What is the research hypothesis that this study aims to test?

3.What type of epidemiologic study is this?

4.What is the independent variable in this study?

5.What is the (primary) dependent variable in this study?

6.How were cases of brain cancer ascertained in this study?

7.What broader population do you believe the sample of cases represents?(this will determine the population to which the results of the study can ultimately be generalized)

8.What exclusion criteria were used?

9.What kind of comparison group was used in this study?How were they selected? Of what broader population is this group intended to be representative?

10.What measure of association was calculated in this study?What statistical test was used to test its significance?

11.What did the study find?

12.What practical application do the results of this study have for clinical care of patients?

13.What practical application do the results of this study have for public health policy in Canadian provinces?


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