article analysis 15

1. You choose ONE marketing-related article. Can be on any marketing topic.

* Add title and link to sign-up sheet on Drive.

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2. Summarize the article.

The way I do this is as follows:

* Copy and paste all the text into Word doc

* Read through text from start to finish

* Read through again, deleting anything that’s redundant or not very useful

* Re-organize the remaining paragraphs in like categories

* Organize the categories into a linear flow

* Edit down the paragraphs so they are concise and readable. Anything taken verbatim from the article should be put in quotations.

* Copy and paste paragraphs into Excel.

* Identify the question each paragraph is answering and put at the front (ALL CAPS, BOLD).

2. Critique each paragraph.

* Read each of your paragraphs and ask critical questions about it

* Add your question in column 2

* Go online, search for answers

* Write your answers under each question

3. Add connections

* Add descriptive links to the sources you found as part of your critique (#2)

Please review my demo on plastics.

I uploaded two example pictures.I need the choosen article first and its sources if possible, because i need to subitt it to my professor first.

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